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Through Rapidito we offer you the best shipping solution for all of your online orders.

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Rapidito is the small package service brought to you by Logix Logistics.

Not only do we have special rates for small packages, our process removes the headache of receiving your online orders in Aruba and our technology gives you full control and visibility.

Step 1 – Register

By registering with us, we will have the necessary information to process your shipments with Customs.  You only need to register once!

Step 2 – Pre-Alert

You can either use our pre alert option and pre-alert your order when you place it or you can wait for the order to arrive at our Miami warehouse, and upon arrival; you shall be notified via mail and will be able to upload the order invoice.

As an added benefit, upon registering with us you will be given access to your very own portal, where you will be able to track all orders and shipments!


Logix has cultivated relationships with renowned and experienced forwarders in three key points of origin; Miami, Rotterdam and Colon (Panama) through whom we offer guaranteed LCL & FCL service.

In addition, through our agents’ respective network, Logix can access tested service providers around the globe to route any logistics request you may have.

Register With Us

By registering with us, an account will be opened in your name and the information provided in this form will facilitate the customs clearance of your shipment once you start to ship. 

There is no cost for registering with us, nor does registering commit you to use our service.

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